My Food Journey: Exploring the Best Eateries in Pullman

My topic will follow a narrative of myself and a couple close friends trying various foods from different restaurants, cafes, drive-thrus, and bistros that are unique to Pullman. All my posts will be opinion only and by no means written in bad taste (no pun intended) or have ill intent towards any of the businesses.

I plan on posting high quality pictures of the food and discussing prices, taste and overall quality. I will also include a rating out of five stars based on these components. Video and audio recordings of my friends’ opinions will also be included in some of the posts, this will provide a larger variety of opinions and create an unbiased perspective on things.

For Unit 3, I plan on interviewing a couple of my friends and recording their opinions on various foods and drinks they ordered. The Logo Project required for Unit 2 will feature a logo depicting some combination of food representing my topic as well as a cougar which will represent Pullman. The logo will be a symbol that I will put on my website.

I have started an “inspiration file” which is where I will keep links to other food blogs, design ideas, and organizations that influence my ideas for this blog. Some examples are:
This is a link to Food Network’s Guy Fieri’s video gallery. I included this because I plan to execute my food blog in a similar fashion to his tv show. In his show he travels around the country to visit various diners, drive-ins and dives, this also happens to be the name of the show.
Seattle Food Geek, Scott Heimendinger, is a food blogger as well as a food photographer. I included this in my inspiration file because I plan on having high-quality pictures of the food I order on my blog as well.
I included this link because it is one of the best food blogs I have ever come across. On this website, you are able to click on a map on the homepage and it will lead you to links and blog posts about food from that part of the world.

The reason I chose to document a food journey through Pullman is because the enjoyment of food is extremely relatable to all audiences. It also gives me the opportunity to spend time with my friends, enjoy some amazing food all while completing a school project. As a sophomore I realized that I haven’t explored the city of Pullman as much as I could have in the past two years, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so. I want to visit a variety of different places to eat, not just high-profile/chain restaurants. My goal is to share my findings with people to bring attention to small businesses that deserve recognition.

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